Wrongfully Terminated Firefighter – Plaintiff’s Original Petition


Sample template for filing original lawsuit in Texas when a firefighter has been  unlawfully suspended or terminated.  In this sample petition the firefighter is accused of having tested positively for drug use, and says his drug use was due to exposure in the field and not personal use.


Texas based editable original  petition by plaintiff suing in a firefighter case when he was wrongfully suspended.

Excerpt, Sample Provision By Firefighter against City

  1. Specifically, Texas Local Government Code requires:
  2. f) Before an investigator may interrogate a fire fighter or police officer who is the subject of an investigation, the investigator must inform the fire fighter or police officer in writing of the nature of the investigation and the name of each person who complained about the fire fighter or police officer concerning the matters under investigation. An investigator may not conduct an interrogation of a fire fighter … based on a complaint by a complainant who is not a peace officer unless the complainant verifies the complaint in writing before a public officer who is authorized by law to take statements under …

TEX. Loe. Gov’T. CODE §143.123(±). If the department head or investigator violates any of the provisions of Tex. Loe. Gov’t. Code 143, the municipality shall reverse any punitive action taken pursuant to the investigation and any information obtained during the investigation shall be specifically excluded from introduction into evidence in any proceeding against the fire fighter. TEX. Loe. Gov’T. CODE §143.123(k). In addition, Texas Government Code 614.023 provides: …