Petition Alleging Libel (Texas Example)

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Petition filed in Harris County, redacted for use that alleges libel per se against defendant.  Includes cease and desist letter sent, and following petition, along with the special exceptions response.


Template example petition to allege libel against someone in Texas who has published a written or graphic or video that has an untrue statement.

Online statements are often protected by free speech.  However, sometimes, the statement is illegal because it is untrue and harms a person’s reputation.  Statements of this nature are illegal in Texas.  This product shows a redacted copy of a petition, letter and response that was filed in a Harris County Court in 2019.   It can be helpful to see examples of what lawyers have filed when deciding how to deal with a situation.  Keep in mind that we do not verify or know whether the pleadings are used properly.  These are for example purposes only.

To read Texas law on Libel, click here.