Order on Motion To Transfer Template



Download editable Texas Order on Motion to Transfer for an adoption case in Texas.   Snippet from Template is as follows:


The Court finds that the child and the petitioners reside in _______ County, Texas. The Court finds that the parties have agreed to the transfer of this suit under the provisions of section 103.00I(b) of the Texas Family Code.

The Court, after considering the pleadings, finds that no controverting affidavit has been filed and that the Motion to Transfer filed by MICKEY MOUSE AND MINNIE MOUSE should be granted.

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that this suit is transferred to Harris County, Texas. On receipt of the pleadings, documents, and orders from this Court, the district clerk in that county is ORDERED to file and docket the suit in the appropriate court under the same procedures as those used for filing an original action. The district clerk shall notify the judge of the transferee court, all parties, and the clerk of this Court, that the suit has been docketed.

The clerk of this Court is ordered to transmit, not later than the tenth working day after the date this order is signed, in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Family Code, the following documents: