How to Get Someone Served With a Lawsuit In Harris County

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In order to have someone “served” with a lawsuit in Harris County, it is required that you fill out a request for process form, and file it with the District Clerks Office.  This page includes a fillable request for service of process form.  Unlike the one on the Harris County website, this one is a fillable PDF that you can type directly on.

Carefully fill out the document, to include the cause number, and other party information.  If you are having the person served by a private process server, which is the best method in the author’s opinion, you will want to do the following:

  1.  Call process servers, to do some price comparison;
  2. hire a process server, and give them the cause number and case information (tell them that you are requesting service today);
  3. Add their contact details and name to the request for process form.
  4. Then, in a couple of days after submitting your request for process form, along with the documents you are having served if these are not yet on file, the District Clerk will have typed out and prepared a citation.
  5. It will be waiting at the counter for pick up, and because you added the process server’s name to the citation, they will be allowed to pick up the citation and go “serve” it on the party in your lawsuit.