Forms To Dismiss Divorce Case (Non-suit Notice and OrdeR)



If you are trying to STOP a divorce case that you already started in Bexar County, this is the form for you.  First you would file a joint notice that you are dropping the lawsuit using this template and then you will file the order for the judge to sign.  This product is a word document that was used successfully in Bexar County, Texas to get a divorce dismissed in 2023.

This product answers the question:

Can you change your mind about divorce? (yes).

What reasons can you cancel a divorce?  You simply need to file a document showing the court that you wish to drop the suit and reconcile.

How long can a divorce be put on hold?  Typically 12 months in Texas.

How do you accept divorce when you don’t want it?  It is important to go to therapy as divorces are extremely painful even if you do want them and you will need to strengthen yourself emotionally to get through this process.