Harris County Texas Divorce Decree Template Packet


No other website offers a real divorce decree sample set book specifically for Harris County.

Harris County is among the most legally strict counties in Texas to get a divorce granted in, so seeing examples of these of court orders in this context to copy from is enormously helpful.

Instantly download this packet of 10 divorce decrees used by lawyers in recent (2019-2023) Harris County, Texas divorce cases.

The Harris County District Clerk accepted all of the decrees in this downloadable book.

It can be difficult to know what other lawyers are drafting and formatting in cases, so that your decree aligns with the local Judge's expectations.

The packet shows a wide range of decree style choices and what can be done to get a divorce granted on a decree specifically in Harris County.

The same packet contains the entire decree document, but for sensitive data, which has been redacted.

Document type: PDF

Number of pages in book: 175

This sample Harris County Decree packet will enable you to view the following sample decrees of divorce:

  1. Expanded Standard Possession Order that was accepted in a case involving children and some real estate
  2. Decree involving a muniment of title and property award
  3. Complete Decree incorporating Attorney General Orders when previous orders had been rendered.
  4. No property divorce decree by a lawyer
  5. Simple divorce decree involving basic debt division from the date of separation
  6. Standard Possession Order Sample Decree that was accepted in a default situation
  7. Same-Sex Marriage Decree Sample

and three more decrees!

This ebook is for purposes of giving the reader a broad scope look  at the range of decrees being accepted in Harris County today.  However, this cannot supplement as legal advice.  Please consult a lawyer if you are not one.