Brief of Property Owners Suing The City For Property Damage Caused By a Flood



In this downloadable 2021 brief to the Supreme Court of Texas, the City owned a set of gates that were used to manage stormwater.  On August 31, 0215, it started to rain in Quail Hollow.  The City raised and lowered gates to control the water, as well as used some water pumps to try to manage the water.  As a result of how the gates were closed, or not closed, some homes were flooded for two to three days.  The people with damaged homes sued the city for property damage caused by city negligence.  The city alleged governmental immunity.  The plaintiff cited a law from TTCA which states that a city is liable for causing damage to property with its motor-driven equipment.  As can be seen on the procedural history available publicly, the property owners eventually won the lawsuit at the Supreme Court.

One purpose of providing this brief as a product is to enable you to understand the workings of our democratic laws that impact you and to find lawyers who have handled situations similar to yours, in your location.  If you cannot afford a lawyer, the purpose of this product is to assist you in representing yourself.

The brief is 60 pages long, the lawsuit it states resulted in a win for the property owners.