Application to Garnish Bank Example (Texas)



Example PDF document used as an attempt by a lawyer to garnish the Defendant company’s bank account with BBVA Compass.

Document Title:Application for Write of Garnishment After Judgment

The garnishment template alleges that the registered agent of BBVA Compass Bank for purposes of rendering service is : c/o CT Corporation Systems, 1999 Bryan, Suite 900, Dallas, Texas 75201.

The application alleges that there is a valid money judgement and that it was not paid.  The application alleges that “Clear” and “” were used to search for assets of the Defendant Company and none were identified.  As such, the only method for collecting the funds was by garnishing the bank.

The pleading was verified by the signing attorney.

In this particular suit, the application for writ of garnishment was not granted because an answer was not filed by the Defendant and Harris County dismissed the case due to lack of prosecution of the same.