Inability to Pay Court Costs Fillable PDF Affidavit (All Courts of Texas)


The Texas supreme court inability to pay court costs forms is used to have filing fees waived.  This version is fillable.   You can type directly on it instead of using hand writing.


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This is the form that is used throughout the state of Texas to avoid paying filing fees on divorce or other civil cases.  This form version is fillable so that hand writing can be avoided.  This form will work to waive filing fees, if it is submitted with the case petition and demonstrates that the person has income at the poverty level as set and established by the federal government.  It has also been our experience that filing fees are waived by judges at the judges own discretion.

How to Get a Free Divorce or Handle Other Type of Lawsuit Without Fees

This is precisely the form that is  used to file a divorce for free throughout the state of Texas and thereby avoid the typical $300 government filing fees.

How to Get a Free Divorce