Infographic how to transfer case to Michigan

If you have completed your divorce case, child support case, or custody case in another state, Michigan will honor all of the terms of your case.  However, you should register your case in Michigan, once you have resided there for 6 months.  This easy DIY packet will assist you with this legal process from start to finish.  In order to modify your child support or child custody in Michigan, if you were divorced in another state, the FIRST necessary step is to register your documents and case in your current county of residence.  If you do not do this, you will not be able to get any relief if you try to file a child custody modification.



  1. Call (248) 858-0344.  Numbers can change, so if this number does not work, find the number for the Oakland county CIRCUIT COURT. If you are in a different location than Oakland county, call the CIRCUIT COURT where you are residing and ask to know the first date that you can set a motion to register an out of state custody determination.  They may not require you to attend a hearing.  It will depend on the individual court.  You will need to follow their individual instructions.
  2. Ask the clerk at (248) 858-0344 for the current filing fee amount (most recent amount was $20.00) so that you know how much money you need to mail in or e-file.
  3. Fill out the attached affidavit, and have it notarized.  We recommend notarizing using the app with your mobile device…This is a super easy way to have your document notarized compared to other processes available.
  4.  The rest of the steps and the forms are all instantly sent using the order form below.  You also have the option of having a legal professional handle this for you in this form.